An unexpected surprise!

Just received some great news today.. I was nominated for an EMACT DASH award for Best Sound Design for a Play! The nomination was for my work onĀ The Pillowman with the Hovey Players Theatre.

A big thanks to everyone on the DASH committee for the nomination, and also thanks to the people at Hovey Players Theatre (Director Michelle Aguillon, et all). Hovey Players gave me the opportunity to cut my teeth in this whole sound design gig, so I really appreciate their support.

The DASH Gala is on August 26th. I assume that’s where they’ll be announcing the winners. Obviously I hope I win (how cool would be to be able to call myself an “award-winning sound designer”??), but I’m thrilled just to be nominated.

Here’s the DASH nominations page:—2017-dash-nominees.html

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