Live Recording


What’s Included

  • Equipment setup before concert or recital
  • Digital stereo recording and leveling/track cutting
  • A CD of your event



  • Up to 90 minutes recorded – $100
  • Additional 30 minutes – $15 each
  • Additional audio editing – $30/hr
    • This is recommended for a professional-sounding final project. It includes editing like compression, limiting, equalization, artificial reverb, etc.



Full Session

This is for the soloist or ensemble looking to produce a cleaner recording using multiple takes. Recording will be done on-site (I do not provide a venue).


What’s Included

  • Equipment setup
  • Digital stereo recording and mastering
  • A CD of the final product (by request)



  • $40 per session hour
    • Each hour includes a complimentary 30 mins of post-processing
  • Additional 30 mins of post-processing work/requests – $15 each


Other Information



There is no charge for events in the greater Boston, MA area. For events outside of this area, there will be an extra charge to cover travel time and fuel costs.


Extra CDs

I can provide additional CDs of your event for purchase. However, in accordance with law, I will need to be provided with the all information regarding the music to be performed (Title, Publisher, Composer, etc) to obtain the proper licenses. Typically extra CDs will run between $10 and $15 depending on the number ordered and case style.


Services for Schools and Registered Non-profits

An audio recording is a great way to commemorate a performance. However, tight budgets (especially for schools and non-profits) can make hiring for these services difficult. If this is your situation, let me know and we can discuss alternatives to the normal per-hour rate.



Please fill out the form below to inquire about my availability to record your next event!